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Support for up to 50% of Foreign Investment in Strategic Technologies

Updated: Jun 12

In the future, foreigners will be able to receive subsidies up to 50% of their investment if they invest in national high-tech strategic technologies such as semiconductors, secondary batteries, and displays.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced that it held the 110th Foreign Investment Committee. The Ministry will first revise the cash support system to expand the attraction of high-quality foreign investment related to high-tech industries.

The main revisions include ▲ strengthening incentives for foreign investment related to state-of-the-art strategic technology ▲ laying the basis for the use of the pre-examination system for national strategic technology ▲ easing requirements for expansion of cash support.

Regarding state-of-the-art strategic technologies, under the National Advanced Strategic Industries Act, such as semiconductors, secondary batteries, and displays, the cash support ratio will be increased by up to 50% of the investment amount and the government share ratio will be increased by 10%.

In order to create a more attractive investment environment for foreign-invested companies, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy will expand incentives such as cash support, location support, and tax benefits.


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