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Hilokal: Offering Innovative Ways for Language Learning

In an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, more people have realized the importance of knowing multiple languages. Learning a language enables individuals to bridge cultural gaps and establish meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds. Especially with the rise of globalization, being multilingual opens opportunities for international travel, career advancement, and global communication. Based on a research report (Global Language Learning Market - Analysis By Language Type, Learning Mode, Learning Method, End Users, By Region, By Country: Market Size, Insights, Competition, Covid-19 Impact and Forecast) published by Azoth Analytics in January 2023, the Global Language Learning market was valued at USD 40.22 billion in 2021. The market is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 10.6% between 2023 and 2028. As a result of these trends, there is also an increased reliance on e-learning and artificial intelligence to enhance language learning experiences. Founded in 2020, one South Korean company called Hilokal is taking advantage of this growing market by creating an audio-based language learning app.

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Because the most effective way to learn a language is immersion through constantly listening and speaking, Hilokal provides a medium for learners to do just that. Through the app, users can have real-life conversations with over 400,000 native speakers and practice their linguistic skills while having fun. Along with offering over 100 lessons for various languages, people can also join live audio calls (called language exchange tables) and interact with others learning the language. For ease of access, no scheduling of classes is required, and users can freely drop in and out of live sessions based on their convenience. If learners are uncomfortable with speaking in an audio call, they can still listen and participate with reactions, messages, images, and emojis. After a one-on-one conversation, the app will also save a transcript of your chat for individuals to reference. Users can also create a personal profile and engage with the community of fellow users and instructors, adding to the social aspect of learning. Hilokal’s format provides users with a unique language learning experience that combines elements of structured classes and interactive language exchange. By merging the benefits of formal instruction with the opportunity for real-life conversation, Hilokal offers a comprehensive and accessible approach to language acquisition.

Beyond helping its users develop language skills and cultural competency, Hilokal also allows native speakers to earn money when they teach classes. While the platform offers a comprehensive library of resources and lessons, it encourages its trainers to develop lessons based on their teaching style. As a result, users can benefit from a diverse range of learning methods, including specialized instruction in grammar and vocabulary, conversational practice, or even lessons incorporating music and scripts. Overall, this approach ensures a dynamic and customized learning experience tailored to individual preferences and learning goals.

Hilokal sets itself apart by offering an interactive community and direct connection to native speakers of a language. While most language learning apps primarily correct learners through text corrections, Hilokal takes a unique approach by utilizing voice correction technology. Implementing this innovation provides learners with instant and targeted feedback on their speaking and pronunciation skills. Originally designed to connect Korean speakers with English speakers, the company has grown to offer over 20 languages to its customer base in over 70 countries. Additionally, over the past 3 years, they have received a total of KRW 7.6 billion in funds and have 7 investors including Kakao Ventures, the TIPS Program, and Daewon Media. Hilokal's innovative approach has positioned itself as a leading platform for language learners seeking immersive and effective language acquisition experiences.

In the era of edutech and artificial intelligence, Hilokal has capitalized on the growing demand for language learning by presenting an engaging app that combines language instruction with real-world application. Entrepreneurs and professionals aspiring to engage in business endeavors in Korea can leverage Hilokal's services to acquire the necessary language fluency and cultural understanding essential for thriving in the Korean business landscape. By utilizing Hilokal, individuals can establish significant relationships, understand local business customs, and communicate effectively with Korean partners and clients, setting the stage for successful business ventures.


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