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Greenlabs: A Leading Company in Digital Agriculture

In the world of agriculture, Greenlabs stands out for its efforts to revolutionize the food supply chain in a sustainable way. This dynamic AgTech firm, based in South Korea, offers comprehensive data solutions for farm management through its flagship service, Farm Morning. Under the leadership of CEO Sang Hoon Shin, Greenlabs is reshaping the agricultural industry with its forward-thinking approach.

Bright green logo of Greenlabs
Greenlabs logo

At the core of Greenlabs' offerings is Farm Morning, a mobile app that connects farmers, consumers, distributors, and suppliers. By providing real-time access to essential information like weather updates, crop prices, market trends, and best practices, the app empowers farmers to optimize their production and distribution processes, reduce costs, and increase revenues. It goes beyond convenience, enabling informed decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Farm Morning boasts a range of innovative features. For instance, the Smart Farm system combines IoT sensors, AI algorithms, and big data analysis to monitor and control the farm environment, ensuring optimal conditions for crop growth. Greenlabs also offers Farm Morning Carbon, which measures and verifies farm carbon emissions and sequestration, while providing incentives for carbon reduction. Additionally, Farm Morning Commerce serves as a transparent and fair platform, connecting farmers directly with buyers and sellers of agricultural products for efficient transactions. Lastly, the Farm Morning Franchise model allows farmers to establish their own branded farms with standardized quality and management practices.

In early 2022, Greenlabs gained support from notable investors SkyLake Incuvest, SK Square, and BRV Capital Management, securing significant funding of $140 million. These investments testify to Greenlabs' potential to reshape the agricultural landscape.

Driven by their expertise, Greenlabs has also expanded its services to Taiwan, helping local farmers enhance productivity and improve the quality of their produce. They actively pursue initiatives aligned with global sustainable development goals in a world where sustainable practices are crucial.

Recognizing the importance of legal protection, Greenlabs has partnered with BLT Patent and Law Firm, a renowned intellectual property law firm in Korea. BLT has played a vital role in safeguarding Greenlabs' innovative technologies and business models through patent applications and consultations. Shawn Uhm, co-founder of BLT, in his recent article praised Greenlabs' remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to innovative and sustainable agricultural practices. Such collaborations solidify Greenlabs' position as a trailblazer in the digital agriculture field.

With data-driven and customer-centric solutions, Greenlabs paves the way for a better future for farmers, consumers, and the planet. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and leading the charge in agriculture, Greenlabs becomes a catalyst for change. Witnessing the remarkable impact of their efforts, it is evident that Greenlabs is not just a company but a driving force ushering in a new era of farming that benefits us all.


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