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ENVEX 2023: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

As the world approaches the seventh anniversary of the Paris Agreement on climate change and the global movement for net zero emissions by 2050, governments and institutions strategize and debate how to reduce carbonization. Recently, Seoul hosted ENVEX 2023, bringing together 250 start-ups and companies from around the world, eager to showcase their innovative ideas and products in environmental technology and green energy.

Photo of BLT & Partners at ENVEX 2023
BLT & Partners at ENVEX 2023

ENVEX, short for Environmental Exhibition, is an annual gathering for some of the brightest and newest minds in the industry to showcase their ideas and products. In a three-day event, attendees could walk around the exhibition filled with various prototypes and machinery, engage with exhibitors, and exchange ideas with hundreds of individuals at their booths. The exhibition highlighted a wide range of innovations, the most common fields including water treatment, air pollution prevention, waste treatment, and other energy technologies.

The event invited over 30,000 visitors, including 500 overseas buyers, to witness the latest innovations in environmental technology, highlighting efforts to mitigate climate change, conserve resources, and work towards a sustainable future. With so many in attendance, ENVEX is an invaluable opportunity to establish lasting partnerships with environmental companies and explore potential market opportunities. Foreign start-ups expressed their desire to collaborate with South Korean manufacturers and companies, making ENVEX an ideal place for networking and establishing connections.

ENVEX brings together an international community focused on environmental technology and green energy and serves as a breeding ground for innovation and ideas. The exhibitions serve as a reminder of the ongoing global pursuit of sustainable development and technologies through collective efforts, international collaboration, and exchanging ideas.

Participants and visitors at ENVEX could also attend seminars featuring prominent keynote speakers, experts, and investors from the environmental and energy sectors. The event previously welcomed individuals from the Ministry of Environment and heads of foreign and domestic business firms to discuss insights, experiences, and strategies to drive innovation and foster networking opportunities.

Throughout the convention, cutting-edge technologies and solutions were showcased everywhere. It was interesting to observe that companies from the same countries often had similar ideas or innovations. For example, many start-ups from China focused on non-toxic coal-based activated carbon manufacturing, a significant endeavor considering China’s coal production accounts for over 50% of their emissions.

Each year ENVEX provides a platform for emerging companies to present their groundbreaking ideas and empower the minds of others. The exhibition showcased diverse innovations, from AI-powered robots that sort recycling by type to companies designing new renewable energy facilities through water resources. One creation that stood out was a manless oil skimmer based on a drone presented by KOAI. This technology works towards carbon neutrality by collecting and cleaning oil skills via centralized coordinates. The passion and dedication exhibited by attendees provided a glimpse into a sustainable and innovation-driven future.

Recently celebrating its 44th anniversary, ENVEX is one of Korea’s oldest environmental technology trade shows. Daeshin MC, a Korean company specializing in developing, manufacturing, and selling sanitation equipment, participated in ENVEX in 2021 to help export their cleaning systems globally. Today, they partner with major customers overseas, such as Samsung and LG, and export globally to places such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, and Germany.

Beyond an exhibition, ENVEX is a hub to share and discuss with international professionals and businesses committed to promoting and developing sustainable energies and technologies. South Korea’s commitment to ENVEX demonstrates its dedication to fostering an environmentally sustainable future and contributing to the global mission of carbon neutrality.

To learn more about how to be a visitor or participant in ENVEX next year, or to explore some of this year’s booths virtually, click this link.

BLT & partners joined the ENVEX 2023

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